Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aw, man, what to do with the kids!!!???

This is the question we found ourselves asking each other over and over again. We could usually scrounge up something from the recesses of our addled mom brains, and sometimes it was even unique and fresh.

But it would take us countless hours searching online - time we really should have spent relaxing after our kids went to bed, or reading a book or newspaper. We were convinced that that there had to be someplace, something different, somewhere we hadn't been to too many times before - and we were determined to find everything.

During our play dates, we would often comment to one another that we couldn't believe there wasn't one central online source that would give us daily tips on extraordinary stuff that would wow us and our children.

So, we are creating one ourselves. Our hope with this blog is to share our knowledge of fantastic restaurants that welcome kids, clean and interesting playgrounds - ones with sand or without, zoos, aquariums, hiking places, planetariums, cool beaches, etc., etc.

Another goal is to give parents daily suggestions of special family-friendly events, preferably free but also ones that might charge nominal fees for barrels of fun.

So, check back with Play in LA regularly to see what this big city has in store for your family!

~ C

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