Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going Swimmingly

For over 2 years, my son has been learning to swim at Jim Herrick Swim School in Valley Village. Water safety was on my list of things he would achieve at a very young age. The techniques taught at Jim Herrick are highly regarded and time-tested (decades). It's not the high-speed type of swim lessons sought by some parents for instantaneous swimming, but rather a methodical approach to a long-term love of the water and staying safe in it. Kids go into the pool with a teacher (one-on-one) and work on their skills for 20 minutes. I ramped up my son's lessons to 40 minute sessions this summer because he was ready for more in-depth instruction. It's been a thrill to behold his progress and trust in his teacher - all of whom at the school are wonderful and patient yet firm with their students. The school is a real gem.

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