Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gratitude and Daisy

In pursuit of kid-friendly restaurants, L & I are always game to try new places that seem appealing to us in one way or another.

Being that both of us are vegetarian (my son is, hers isn't), our options are a bit limited but that makes for an interesting and fun challenge.

Today happened to be a 2-restaurant day for us. We hit Cafe Gratitude for an early lunch, as L had to grab something at Not Neutral and the two places are right next to each other. 

11:00 am (right when they open) is the perfect time to arrive at Cafe Gratitude if you're dining with children. There's no wait then and you'll be grateful you can slip right into your seat.

The kids menu is nothing to write home about but there are plenty of offerings on the main menu that should suit a youngster with adventurous tastes. Also, the smoothies are perfect for instant fortification.

Later in the day, we were out in Pasadena and L had been to Daisy Mint many times so we set off in search of tasty Thai food.

We were not disappointed. The kids particularly loved the sticky rice with peanut sauce. L & I were gaga over the spicy eggplant (ordered mild so the kids could also try) and pad see ew with tofu and no egg. Their tea selection is just lovely so everything totally hit the spot. Plus, we were in and out within an hour and able to ferry the children off to an early bedtime.

Done and done!

~ C

Veggie pad see ew - peppery and delicious!

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